Whimsical software,
among other things


My friend Diego and I made a Figma plugin to upload designs as you work on them so teams can build processes around them.

It was really neat, we launched it on Product Hunt to positive reception. We even got a few paying customers!


I joined Titan in 2022 to help build a new kind of wealth management platform. I’ve never grown as a product-maker in such a short period of time.


The note-taking / inspiration gathering / life organizing tool I’ve been making for the past two years. It’s taking forever to complete — help!

But also, check it out. It's pretty cool.


Thanks to Sensive, I met the wonderful team over at Air. Together, we built a really solid media management app for creative teams.


Choosing colors is a fun part of the design process. But it often can be intimidating (200M+ colors to choose from!). Coleure reduces the upfront decision paralysis and provides a intuitive color making experience with features like color mixing, proofing, contrast test, etc.

A few years after launching, it got purchased by a media company for internal use, and thus sadly taken down from the public.

Peruvian-American engineer & designer, or simply Rolando. Above is my curated work. I occasionally post on my B-side.